PTF Mass food distribution- Carrefour, Haitian Earthquake, 2010


The Eagles’ Wings Foundation (EWF) is a non-profit organization that offers first responders networking, training and disaster response opportunities worldwide. Since its inception in 1999, EWF has relied upon a national registry of credentialed first responders to augment and improve the quality of disaster response operations. Join the Eagles’ Wings Foundation today to become a part of one of the premiere first responder organizations in the United States.

EWF bases its core philosophy and mission on the following three initiatives:





Scott Lewis receiving the Champion of Service Award from Governor Rick Scott

On October 17, 2017 during a meeting of the Florida Cabinet, Governor Rick Scott and Volunteer Florida Chief Executive Officer Vivian Myrtetus awarded Maggie Barnick, Stephen Rocca, and Scott Lewis with the Volunteer Florida Champion of Service Award, Florida’s official statewide volunteer recognition.

Governor Scott said, “I am proud to recognize these dedicated volunteers with the Champion of Service Award today. These individuals represent the thousands of people who volunteered their time to help families following the recent hurricanes, and I’m grateful for their service.”

Volunteer Florida CEO Vivian Myrtetus said, “It is an honor to recognize these volunteers who have demonstrated a true commitment to volunteerism and service. We are grateful for the opportunity to recognize them and the countless hours they’ve spent serving all over the State of Florida, as well as in other parts of the country following the recent hurricanes.”

“Governor Scott and Volunteer Florida Present Champion of Service Awards.” by FL Gov Staff, 17 Oct. 2017,

We are accepting donations on our website here.


EWF loading plane with elderly survivors in Puerto Rico

The Eagles Wings Foundation has helped to evacuate elderly survivors and others with emergent medical needs from Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. EWF is currently assessing needs on the southern coast of Puerto Rico to provide necessary food, water, medicine, and fuel to survivors. To view a story about this, please click here.

We are accepting donations on our website here, and on a gofundme page located here. We will provide additional updates as soon as they are available.


EWF loading tarps bound for St. Maarten after Hurricane Irma

The Eagles Wings Foundation has sent over 1,000 tarps to St. Maarten, which was devastated during Hurricanes Irma and Maria. EWF had these tarps rush-flown to St. Maarten through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We will provide updates on the situation in the Caribbean as it unfolds. To donate to EWF to help us buy more supplies to send to the Caribbean, please click here.

In the Florida Keys for Hurricane Irma, The Eagles Wings Foundation, in conjunction with the American Aid Logistics Network, coordinated the donated services of 3 flatbed trucks and forklifts to serve the devastated region for the first critical days. These trucks were provided by Home Depot and Estes Trucking.

The Eagles Wings Foundation will be mounting an extraction mission in Puerto Rico the week of Sept 25th 2017 to evacuate several elderly homebound survivors of Hurricane Maria. We will provide an update on this situation as it unfolds.


Mapping of flooded, and impassable roads on first day of operations

The Eagles’ Wings Foundation has teamed up with the First Presbyterian Church of Houston and the Grace Presbyterian Church of Houston for recovery efforts. Volunteer help is appreciated, you can register here, as well as send donations either by using our donate button at the top right of this page [We are a 501(c)(3)], or by bringing donations to the Grace Presbyterian Church of Houston. Any money collected by us will be directly used to provide food, water, shelter for survivors in addition to the physical donations brought in to the Grace Presbyterian Church of Houston.

Watch this video from the Grace Presbyterian Church of Houston to learn more about our mission and goals in the great city of Houston, TX!


Unloading EWF Supplies, Abaco, Bahamas, Hurricane Irene 2011

The Eagles’ Wings Foundation has a long history of providing assistance to affected communities in the aftermath of disaster. With a focus on short-term, emergency response deployments, EWF empowers local resources with best practices in organizational leadership and coordination during disaster missions.

EWF conducts disaster response missions by deploying teams of credentialed first responders, known collectively as the Pathfinders Task Force® (PTF). With a proven record of excellence during disaster deployments, the Pathfinders Task Force® has distinguished itself as one of the premiere response team resources available to emergency managers in the United States.

Learn more about Pathfinders Task Force® today!


Like any organization dedicated to providing assistance after a critical incident or natural disaster, the Eagles’ Wings Foundation has grown and learned from its humanitarian deployments. In the process, they have assembled a well-respected corps of first responders who are willing to share their expertise and consistently work towards a body of best practices. This mission has evolved into the Pathfinders Task Force.

Ministry of Environment Training, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti 2014


Rapid Assessments using Virtual Badge®, West Palm Beach, 2014

The Eagles’ Wings Foundation is dedicated to the continual evaluation of technology so that the needs of the first responder community can be met through the testing and use of emerging technologies. The EWF research and development team continually strives to research solutions to the challenges facing first responders and is actively involved in the development and launching of new products, applications and hardware that contribute to the overall safety and functional efficiency of first responder personnel.


  • We saved $200,000 a day once we started using Virtual Badge® to handle our inventory

    Enrique Peña BP Deepwater Horizon
  • The VB field reports and mobile technology were recognized by the United States Coast Guard Sector Miami as outstanding

    United States Coast Guard Black Swan After Action Report
  • This is an impressive system that lets me collect critical information in the field, monitor the safety of my teams, and provide a real-time picture of events. In a crisis this system will provide actionable data that saves lives

    Colonel David LaRivee, Retired United States Air Force
  • Your ability to automatically Excel sort, and then auto-populate the easy to use Google Earth format saved thousands of man hours for our Command and made this system an incredible efficiency unit

    Colonel Dysart, CEM, LEM Incident Commander, BP Deepwater Horizon
  • [VB] provided a better grasp of situational awareness than I have ever witness before as a USCG Contingency Preparedness & Exercise Passenger Vessel Safety & Mass Rescue Operations Specialist

    Paul Culver United States Coast Guard
  • It should take less than two weeks for a department/agency to implement this system (from acquiring and installing to achieving user proficiency)

    STEP Evaluation Report Department of Homeland Security
  • The [Pathfinders Task Force] system was very easy to learn remarkably easy to use. […] I give my highest recommendation to any other group considering using Scott as a trainer

    Matthew A. Parks CPM - AESA President
  • Pathfinders Task Force [PTF] was responsible for surveying over $5,000,000 worth of damage to critical infrastructure on affected islands [caused by Hurricane Mathew] and communicated invaluable, accurate data to NEMA Command from areas where all cell and INternet were destroyed. PTF and Virtual Badge greatly reduced the response times for NEMA during the critical response phase, and I would recommend their use during future emergency operations

    Capt. Stephen Russel Director of National Emergency Management Agency, Nassau Bahamas
  • “The [Pathfinders Task Force] cell phone based software took response crews less than 15 minutes to learn, and having credentialed Pathfinders team members on hand enhanced the integration even further. The team’s efficiency, accountability, and documentation capabilities were a remarkable addition to the situational awareness in the field.

    Deputy Chief Ron Beesly Incident Commander PBCFR
  • As the Agency Administerator for the Greenbrier, I would give my highest recommendation to tasking in to act as an Incident Commander for a large private facility. The Virtual Badge software was easily loaded into 50+ of our staff’s phones and was valued for its accuracy and authentication by our insurance adjusters

    Habibi Mamone Agency Administrator, Silver Springs CM
  • Pathfinders Task Force [PTF] assisted Ministry of Public Works with the coordination of local contractors with hundreds of employees […] and implemented a system for documentation that greatly improved the efficiency for managing response operations. I would highly recommend Mr. Lewis and PTF for use in the coordination of impending strike, pre-planning, initial response, operations, and recovery

    Leyton Rahman Chief Engineer, Bahamas Ministry of Public Works, IC - ICP
  • Implementing the Pathfinders [Task Force] system provided a better grasp of situational awareness than I have witnessed before. For future, complex exercise operations, I would give my highest recommendation of the use of this resource team

    Paul Culver USCG Exercise Director
  • Scott’s knowledge of procurement and contracting operations following a disaster saved our City $100’s of thousands of dollars. […] Disaster Solutions’ costs were returned more than ten-fold to our City. Other cities looking to save [on] this emergency expenditure only hurt themselves

    Linda Coleman Finance Secretary, City of White Sulphur Springs
  • As the Zoning official for the city of White Sulphur Springs, I would give my strongest advice to tasking Disaster Solutions in to assist in a catastrophic response. […] One team alone did more than 1,300 field reports in 9 hours — an exceptional testimonial to Virtual Badge’s ease of use

    Reese Belshee III Zoning Director, City of White Sulphur Springs
  • As the Mayor and Agency Administrator for the City of White Sulphur Springs, I would give my highest recommendation to tasking the Pathfinders Task Force to act as a short term Incident Management Team.

    Lloyd Haynes Mayor, City of WSS, WV
  • As the Public Works Director for the City of White Sulphur Springs, I would give my highest recommendation to tasking Disaster Solutions in to assist in a catastrophic response.

    David Lovelace Public Works Director, White Sulphur Springs
  • With more than 4,500 field assessments streaming into the ICP over 3 days, our fire Command had a far better grasp of Situational Awareness than I have witnessed before as a credentialed, Type III, IC.

    Nigel Backer Deputy IC, Pathfinders Task Force
  • With literally thousands of photos and field filed data streams, Pathfinders unique ability to analyze, sort, and streamline information kept Command personnel from being buried in information.

    P. MurphyDeputy Ops Chief, BP Oil Spill
  • Disaster Solutions repeatedly proved through its actions that it was the best possible resource any small town or city could rely upon. Hire this team of professionals.

    John Pauley Chief of Police, White Sulphur Springs
  • The Virtual Badge software was easy to train and well received from the 50+ staff who used the application, our corporate counsel, and the insurance adjuster. The Disaster Solutions’ team also opened doors to government reimbursements to the Greenbrier via FEMA which we had no idea existed.

    Greenbrier County, Chief Operating Officer, Agency Administrator
  • [Pathfinders Task Force] delivered 2,260,000 meal rations in the critical first six days and contributed a massive influx in rapid food distribution as was separately necessary for the 2.5 million impacted residents.

    Benoit Thiry World Food Program Cluster Lead, Haitian Earthquake (2010)
  • Virtual Badge software for an exercise added a dynamic field element that we never had before. […] The cost efficiency, accountability, and documentation bundled in to one small, professional, Mission Ready Package was outstanding.

    Scott Kelly, P.E. City of West Palm Beach
  • I give my highest recommendation to Scott and The Eagles Wings Foundation to any other disaster area or civil defense command structure and endorse their assignment to any deployment following a disaster.

    John McAdams Deputy Chief, Harrison, MS
  • I give my highest recommendation to The Eagles Wings Foundation. They were the most effective of all the non-profit organizations in reaching our citizens in those first desperate days after Hurricane Katrina devastated our county.

    Henry Aledge Superintendent of Schools, Harrison County School District
  • My recommendation to any disaster Incident Commander is to user the skills and know of Scott Lewis and [Eagles Wings Foundation]

    Col. Joe Spraggins Harrison County Emergnecy Management Director