USCG Black Swan Exercise Landing Site 1- Bahamas, 2013


Pathfinders Mission Statement

To train communities across the nation to replicate over 15 years of Pathfinders’ successes that have utilized spontaneous, unaffiliated volunteer survivors in an effort to strengthen preparedness while promoting further integration of volunteer responders into a better organized force multiplier to career responders during disasters.

The Pathfinders Task Force® has been involved in the largest man-made and natural disasters in recent history. Having been first responders in Haiti and Japan following their massive earthquakes, and having spent 189 days in the Gulf of Mexico following the BP Oil Spill of 2010, the Task Force has gained an incredible amount of experience and proven to be a best practice for emergency management situational awareness and efficiency in disaster response.

The Pathfinders Task Force® helps coordinate and rapid field-train responders to reach tens-of-thousands of disaster survivors at their front doors within days, while seeking out and resolving the unmet special needs of vulnerable populations using software that provides situational awareness to Command. PTF and current responders collect incident data. This data is then analyzed and provided to Command via customized reports by way of Executive Summaries. PTF also uses the pre-sorted and sanitized data for Situation Unit updates which are concise but thorough—with no extra burden on the local Command. Pathfinders IT section provides Google Earth, Tableau, and ESRI views, with geocoded, time date stamped, Excel sortable data for an unparalleled efficiency and management tool in disaster operations—either in or out of network connectivity.

Downtime After Operations, Haitian Earthquake, Port-Au-Prince, 2010

Boom Maintenance Assessments, BP Oil Spill, Louisiana, 2010


The Pathfinders Task Force® has always relied upon a cadre of credentialed first responder volunteers to complete its missions. These responders are typed and organized in the National First Responder Registry, a database that stores the credentials and contact information for hundreds of emergency management professionals who are available for short-term disaster deployments.

All responders registered with PTF are typed and organized based on their credentials, experience, and familiarity with PTF operations. Training resources are offered to new PTF Responders who must meet published requirements before they are permitted to deploy on emergency response operations.

Our Database that holds thousands of files of qualified individuals within the first response and emergency management area, that are available for short-term disaster deployments. Once registered their files listing their expertise area, credentials, and experience are available for their State and Team Coordinators.

Training resources are offered to new PTF Responders Who must meet published requirements before they are permitted to deploy on emergency response operations.


By joining the Pathfinders Task Force® today you will become a part of one of the fastest growing response organization in the United States. We provide the opportunity for all persons within the area of First Response access to added education, training, networking and disaster deployment opportunities.

It is important that all first responders have access to reliable, interoperable communications to assist those in need during emergencies. Do you fit into any of these categories? If your area of expertise is listed below you are an ideal candidate for joining today.

  • Emergency Management

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fire Fighters

  • Chaplains

  • Medical

  • Public Health

  • Medical Reserve Corps

  • Security

  • Infrastructure

  • Military

  • Information Technology

  • Outside the PTF ICP, Bahamas, Hurricane Irene 2011